OSSI offers two levels of Corporate Membership plus Individual Membership:


Designed to accommodate the most demanding corporations in the Open Source community.

Branding; Corporate Name, Corporate Logo, Corporate Profile, Corporate URL and Inclusion in Annual Membership Directory 

Strategic Focus; Special Speaker Access, Technical Briefings, Strategic Planning Briefings, Working Group Briefs, Voting Status, Executive Board Eligibility, Strategic Council Eligibility, Committee Chairperson Eligibility, Committee Membership Eligibility, Advisory Board Eligibility and Participation in OSSI Scheduled Meetings

Event Focus; Early Registration/Access, Sponsorship Opportunity Announcements-Early Registration,  Inclusion of Corporate Materials at each event

Publications/Resources; Speakers Bureau Representatives, Corporate Case Studies, White Papers, Technical Studies, Guest Blog Opportunities and Guest Webinar Presentation Opportunities


Designed for corporations that desire advanced notice and privileged access to our website and resources.

Branding; Corporate Name, Corporate Logo, Corporate Profile,  Corporate URL

Strategic Focus; Committee Membership Eligibility and Participation in OSSI Scheduled Meetings

Event Focus; Advanced Notice of Upcoming Events, Sponsorship Opportunity Announcements-Early Registration: First Come-First  Served and Networking Opportunities

Publications/Resources; Speakers Bureau Representatives, Login Access to Website/ References/ Publications and Access to Annual Membership Directory

Member Benefits