OSSI is very active in the National Capital Region. Centered in the Baltimore-Washington area, OSSI is engaged in ongoing dialog with numerous government agencies including:

DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DoD - Department of Defense (Army, Navy, AIr Force, USMC, DISA and other agencies)
NSA - National Security Agency
NGA - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense
JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

OSSI's monthly meetings are held across the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area at locations contributed by our members. Our events attract a technical audience of decision makers who engage in challenging dialogue, idea exchanges and networking. If you have meeting space (meeting attendance typically ranges from 20 to 100 people) and are interested in sharing it with the Open Source Software community, please contact us as soon as possible. Please see Contact Us page for details.

What OSSI Does

FIPS 140-2 Validated OpenSSL

OSSI has secured FIPS validation for multiple versions of OpenSSL which are available as open source software. Validated modules include NIST Certificates #1111 - #1051 - #918 - #733

U.S. Navy OSS

Since 2001, OSSI and the U.S. Navy have collaborated on open source adoption within Naval IT systems. OSSI represented industry and the open source community on the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer's (DONCIO) Open Source Software Working Group, which crafted official guidance of open source software for all Navy and Marine Corps commands.

HOST Program

OSSI is the founding partner of the DHS HOST program, which investigates open security methods, models, and technologies and identifies viable and sustainable approaches that support national cyber security objectives.  OSSI HOST page:  http://www.cyber.st.dhs.gov/host/

OSCMIS Program

The Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS) is a collection of web-based software tools and modules developed and deployed internally by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to manage the agency's human resources, security, training and personnel management activities. The application suite currently consists of approximately 110 different modules and is used by all of DISA's more than 16,000 users worldwide.

In an effort to make the application suite and future code releases broadly available to all government and non-government entities, DISA collaborated with the non-profit Open Source Software Institute to release an open source version of the CMIS software. The OSCMIS suite is now available to government, academic, industry and private users under a DISA-approved open source software license (Open Software License v 3.0). 

Trade Association

R&D Facilitation


The Open Technology Research Consortium (OTRC) is a strategic alliance of leading research institutions and non-profit open source organizations whose mission is to work with government agencies to facilitate the broad adoption of open source software and help realize the technical, administrative, and economic benefits of using open technology solutions within public sector IT environments.